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The Cambridgeshire Light Blues Club was set up in 2017 and its intention was to bring new and young masons together for social gatherings as a club and for the member’s families.

To explain the club concisely here is our Mission Statement:

The Cambridgeshire Light Blues Club is a fun and social side to Freemasonry for everyone with a light blue or white apron, in the Province of Cambridgeshire. Our aim and hope is to organise and host events that, you, your family and friends will enjoy and look forward to. The club is a welcoming hand to any brother who would like to meet more people, be more involved and learn more in a non-formal and entertaining atmosphere.

Freemasonry is about building lifelong friendships; the Light Blues Club hopes to increase that number of friends for you and hopes to help build a strong network of companions for everyone in the Province.

At the 2023 AGM I was honoured to be appointed to the position of Chairman of the club. As Chairman, I would like to continue the work that the previous Chairman, Adrian Peters, has done for the CLB. On that note, during the AGM I set out a clear strategy for the CLB for the next 5 years.

Within our lodges we have CLB reps whose responsibility is to give notices from the CLB club and support new or existing members in any way they are able to, coupled with the support of Mentors in lodge and at Provincial level.

The Buddies System is in place to invite members to organised visits to other lodges in the Province of Cambridgeshire and elsewhere.

Fundamentally, the CLB is an additional support network for all those Freemasons - whether they are newly initiated or before they attain Provincial honours.

The CLB Committee, lodge Reps and I look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Andy Murfitt