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Alma Mater Lodge No 1492

Cambridge Masonic Hall, Bateman Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1NA

Alma Mater Lodge was formed in 1874 as the graduate lodge for students of Cambridge and Oxford Universities. The name Alma Mater means ‘nurturing mother’ in Latin, and is formally used to describe the school, college or university where someone studied. The Lodge is a member of the UGLE Universities Scheme, which seeks to forge links between well-placed, enthusiastic Lodges and the many students (in the case of Alma Mater Lodge, graduates and postgraduates only) and other young people who are seeking to become involved in Freemasonry.

Alma Mater lodge enjoys a current membership of around 60-70 individuals from across East Anglia, London and beyond. The lodge has now opened its doors to all university graduates and requires all candidates to hold a degree from a recognised university. Alma Mater’s current membership is formed by those with a mix of degrees who have experience in a wide range of professions, including business people, engineers, lawyers, chemists and accountants.

Alma Mater is a vibrant, active lodge with a wide range of ages from older more experienced members to newer younger masons. The lodge has a very inclusive attitude and attracts joining members from other lodges along with new candidates, all of whom are welcomed and included into the team. 

Alma Mater Lodge is one of the few Cambridgeshire lodges that meet on a Saturday evening and we meet five times a year.

The Lodge meets at Freemasons Hall, Cambridge on the last Saturday in September, the first Saturday in November, the second Saturday in December (annual installation meeting of our new Master), the last Saturday in February and the third Saturday in May.

Alma Mater is a well-established and traditional lodge that conducts masonic meetings using ‘Alma Mater ritual’, which has some subtle variations on the ritual practiced in other lodges. Alma Mater is home to several senior and experienced masons, who are able to share their experience and friendship before and after formal meetings. Particularly during the festive board (the meal after meetings to which visitors can be invited). These meals generally take place without a formal seating plan, allowing all Alma Mater members and visitors to enjoy wide ranging conversations with members and visitors alike.

Alma Mater is a particularly social lodge, with members and their families enjoying the opportunity to attend the lodge’s annual Burns’ Night celebration, summer BBQ/garden parties and Ladies’ Dinner. Various informal social occasions and get togethers are organised independently by members and their families.

Alma Mater pride itself in including wives and partners. This group has an active social group with a meal offered to wives and partners to attend on the same night and location as the lodge meetings.

The lodge welcomes those who meet the general criteria for masonic membership, who hold a degree from a recognised university from around the world, who can attend meetings in Cambridge on Saturday evenings and who wish to explore freemasonry with an open mind and generous heart. 

Candidates will have an opportunity to meet with a cross section of members of the lodge both socially and as part of the joining process before commitment.

If you are interested in joining the Lodge, or finding out more, please contact us.