Cambridgeshire Freemasons
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Caldwell Lodge No 3201

Masonic Rooms, City Road March PE15 9LS

Caldwell Lodge No 3201 dates from 1907, but it was in 1909 when the nature of the lodges ritual changed by Edward C Wells, to a mixture of an old ‘Victorian Ritual’ as practised in the Federal Lodge in Melbourne as well as other parts of rituals from various areas of Australia, which have been maintained to this day. This unique element of our lodge is something we are very proud of.

We are a well-established lodge with a recent influx of new members who have the desire to be aspirational in our approach, to make a difference across its membership and community. We are committed to personal growth, development and fun, within an environment that is supportive, encouraging and welcoming of diversity.

The Lodge meets on a Tuesday evening once a month, September-April, starting at 6pm. Other lodge activities are held on a Thursday evening with varying start times.

At Caldwell Lodge we are proud of our temple and building, in which a great deal of time and effort has been expended in recent years. The end result is a Lodge which is easily accessible for all, from a nearby carpark, located in the centre of March, offering a welcoming, modern, spacious ambience and environment.

We are welcoming of all new members who can add to our already diverse membership. We seek members who are good humoured, with a sense of fun and can commit to regular attendance with a desire to contribute to the life and work of our lodge in all its forms, including the ritual/ceremonial aspects of Freemasonry. Annual subscription is required as is an ongoing financial commitment to charitable giving to a range of local charities. New candidates will enjoy our strong sense of tradition, a very experienced/knowledgeable membership, with a recent influx of new members who are motivated to learn, safeguard and retain our masonic traditions and use this as a springboard for developing the lodge for the future and generations to come.

If you are interested in joining the Lodge, or finding out more, please contact us.