Cambridgeshire Freemasons
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Lodge of United Good Fellowship No 809

The Wisbech Masonic Centre, The Crescent, Wisbech PE13 1EH

The Lodge was formed in April 1860. It has held regular meetings since that date. Its membership increased steadily and to such an extent that in 1945, it sponsored a second Freemasons’ Lodge in Wisbech.

Our current membership is approximately 88 members.

Our meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of October & November, the 3rd Wednesday of December, the 4th Wednesday of January, February & March and 1st Wednesday of May. At these regular meetings we are proud of maintaining our traditions and high standard of ritual. The meetings are followed by a much less formal meal when new friendships are formed, and existing friendships strengthened.

As a Lodge we actively support local groups and projects through charitable work. Throughout your membership we hope that you will feel supported. New members are mentored. Twice a month all members are encouraged to join the Lodge of Instruction to make the most of their Masonry.

We have a joint social committee which organises events for both Wisbech Lodges. Family and friends are invited to such events which run throughout the year.

Our membership covers a broad range in terms of age, occupation and professions. We welcome those of all faiths. We strive to be inclusive and are open to all those who meet the criteria for membership and who wish to explore Freemasonry with an open and generous heart. Candidates will have the opportunity to meet with a cross section of members both socially and as part of the joining process before commitment.

If you are interested in joining the Lodge, or finding out more, please contact us.