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St Audrey Lodge No 2727

The Masonic Rooms, 47 Silver Street Ely CB7 4FJ

St Audrey Lodge meets at Ely. Its Mother Lodge is Scientific Lodge No 88, and it has 3 Daughter Lodges who share the Ely Masonic Hall. Consecrated on 22nd November 1898 it has occupied several premises in the City before moving  to its present home in 1980. The membership is currently 64.

The Lodge has generally had a wide spectrum of occupations and vocations amongst its brethren and this has broadened in recent years because of the success of the local economy, which has attracted individuals not only from within East Anglia but also from the remainder of the UK and from abroad. The Lodge is seen as friendly and welcoming and is rewarded by an abundance of visitors from within the Province and particularly from our very supportive daughter Lodges. Part of the attraction is the Masonic Hall itself and the warm, pleasant atmosphere it generates. There is a unique camaraderie amongst the Ely brethren, which is strong and likely to remain so. In the past new members have been recruited mainly through family connections or familiarity with existing brethren and, while this is likely to continue, greater openness with regard to Freemasonry has resulted in referrals from Province and public forums.

The Lodge meets on the second Tuesday of each month from October to May, a total of eight meetings, with the Installation occurring in November.

New members are encouraged to attend social events before and after Initiation and to move through to the Chair with support from the Lodge Mentor and the assistance of Ely United Lodge of Instruction. Brethren are also encouraged to contribute by acting as stewards, helping to run social events, and/or assisting with the running and maintenance of the Masonic Hall. New members will find the Lodge friendly and welcoming although demanding of high standards of ceremony and behaviour. They will be rewarded with a sense of satisfaction, and a most congenial Festive Board enjoyed in pleasant surroundings in a Lodge with 120 years of history.

There are a variety of social events, both formal and informal. These take place at the Lodge, for example lunches, suppers, and Christmas parties, or elsewhere for Ladies Nights, summer barbecues, clay pigeon shoots et al. These events are important. They bring people together, provide a vehicle for introducing potential new members to a part of Lodge life, and provide a platform for fund raising. The Worshipful Master, in consultation with the Charity Steward, will decide which good causes will be supported and these range from the larger charities such as hospices, air ambulances and Festivals to helping towards providing equipment, support and facilities for families from the local area. Matched funding is often applied for and is much appreciated when granted.

We welcome all enquiries from eligible candidates. At St Audrey Lodge a new member can expect to forge new friendships and cement existing ones, to be able to actively support charities, to develop himself as a respected and respectful person, to learn about the traditions and mysteries of Freemasonry and above all to enjoy the experience!

If you are interested in joining the Lodge, or finding out more, please contact us.