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The Lodge of the Three Grand Principles No 441

Cambridge Masonic Hall, Bateman Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1NA

The Lodge of the Three Grand Principles No. 441 is a unique and storied masonic lodge warranted on 10th December 1836 by the United Grand Lodge of England (a mere 23 years after the UGLE was itself constituted). The Lodge was formed by petition from eleven brethren whose occupations were that of tradesmen, seeking to build a Lodge for those who shared the commonality of their social standing, with other contemporary Lodges being increasingly populated by members of Cambridge’s various universities.

The Lodge now retains a membership of brethren from incredibly diverse backgrounds, however the importance of social bonds between all Brothers, derived from shared common interests, good humour respect, honesty and support. These principles are indeed exemplary of the eponymous “Three”, being “Brotherly Love”, “Relief” and “Truth”.

The Lodge meets regularly on the first Monday of every month, with Installation taking place in January, breaking between May and September each year. Meetings attract members and visitors from far and wide, with festive boards providing joy through conversation, laughter and particularly entertaining speeches. Members of the Lodge also meet frequently throughout the year for informal gatherings in order to strengthen our bonds and answer questions in a more relaxed setting.

We have a regular social calendar throughout the year to involve our families and friends, with events including our traditional Fish & Chip Evening, a White Table meeting which allows friends and family to attend and a Ladies Festival dinner dance.

We invite all men of strong moral character, with a good sense of humour, curiosity and a thirst for knowledge to join us and help to build a stronger Lodge through commitment and dedication. Any new Initiate or Joining Member is guaranteed to be struck immediately by the warmth and inviting nature exhibited by any Brother of The Lodge – We will always take the time to ensure that everyone is made to feel welcome, be it at meetings, socials or the Festive Board.

Ours is a Lodge built upon a foundation laid by senior members, with an increasing number of dedicated new members under the age of forty joining to establish a strong future. In an increasingly busy world, the ideal candidate is expected to understand and fully accept the time and cost commitments that come with seeking membership with an active Lodge, as this should never come at his own detriment, yet still be able to contribute to meetings, gatherings and rehearsals regularly and in the long term.

Above all, the Craft ought to be enjoyed and should fulfil the lives of any member, so a good sense of humour and the ability to share in our laughter is key - Though we may take the Craft, our history and our duties to one another seriously, rarely do we apply this to ourselves.

If you are interested in joining the Lodge, or finding out more, please contact us.